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Spreading the happenis

When I heard about Operation Happenis I knew I wanted to be a part of it! I was sitting across the table from Dr. Nicol Bush. She was telling me all about her hopes and dreams for Operation Happenis.   As she shared her heart my heart couldn't help but hurt for all the moms and dads and children who don't talk about what they have been through because it might be too sensitive of a subject. ​I heard the need for support and I wanted to help make that happen. 

A family member was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I know how much better it made her feel that she was not alone. Seeing pink ribbons everywhere is a constant reminder of the support she has. Can we do something like this for boys and men? 

The founders of Operation Happenis sent me a list of things that they were trying to accomplish over the next several months.Immediately I saw areas I was skilled in and my heart quickened!I contacted them back and said I could help with the social media side of things and getting things set up online. Not only was it exciting to work on this project, but I was comfortable working on it. Because I was able to help in an area I already had experience in, it made my project fun and easy! Knowing my efforts could have the potential of helping people was just the cherry on top! 

I plan to continue donating my time and talents to Operation Happenis. This organization is great and it's growing quickly! Hypospadias is the second most common birth defect in the world and so few know about it...but not for long! With more volunteers and donations we can make a difference! I am all about spreading the Happenis

-Anonymous ~ Frisco, TX

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When Keegan was born, the doctors told me things weren’t quite right “down there”. He had hypospadias, the most severe kind. I didn’t know what that was, and it was a scary time that made me feel alone and desperate for more information about what needed to be done to help my little boy. Some of the information I could find online was frightening, and there weren’t other families that I could talk to  who had been through the same thing.

Like many boys with the most severe proximal hypospadias, Keegan has been through several surgeries. But now everything looks and works normal down there. We were lucky to find a team that has spent years trying to figure out the best way to fix boys like Keegan, because I can’t imagine how he would feel if he couldn’t use the bathroom like the other boys, or was too embarrassed about how he looked to play sports because of changing in the locker room.

That’s why I knew I had to get involved- to help with a charity that can fix broken boys like Keegan used to be, and help surgeons around the world know the best ways for fixing these sorts of problems. It’s my mission to raise enough money to organize a 5K run, which will spread awareness about this very common birth defect and help other families when the doctors tell them that their baby boy has a problem.
As a mom, I want my sweet Keegan to always know he is not alone in what he has been through. I pray that we are all done with his reconstruction, but if not for any reason, I pray that the next time around, we are surrounded by a community that understands and cares and supports Keegan. And that the doctors have the tools they need to mend things in the best way possible. Just because it’s “down there” doesn’t mean we have to suffer through this alone. Doesn’t every mom want their son to have happenis?!

​-Keegan & Brandy ~ Richardson, TX

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